Get faster relief and healing with the passive action of the centrifuge!

Product Description:

Gravity Therapy is a health rehabilitation start up company dedicated to bringing safe, low-cost therapy to persons with limited movement.  It provides a passive state of the art, NASA proven, centrifuge system that speeds healing and reduces recovery costs.

If persons don’t move in gravity they will suffer the same zero gravity rapid aging as astronauts.  

Gravity Therapy is an effective, painless, passive treatment that speeds up healing for all types of injuries, surgery, illness, disabled, inactive, aging and immobile persons, especially for those with complications that limit or prevent moving or walking.


In addition to muscle and bone loss gravity deprivation compromises numerous body functions that include cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, metabolic, neural and primarily neuro-vestibular medicated functions.

This treatment has proven success in the space program and other credible research studies.

To date the high cost of centrifuges used in the space program has prevented the transfer of this beneficial technology to earth.  Dr. Joan Vernikos, a former NASA scientist, and her team have found the answer to reduce these costs. 

They have simplified the construction and operation of the centrifuge   with battery driven wireless control that provides the needed modes of operation, that includes start, stop, reverse, variable speed and regenerative braking.

This new unique technology has enabled our team to provide the needed versatility to the centrifuge’s operation that provides a simple, safe, low cost system for rehabilitation, health and fitness maintenance. It also provides variable levels of hypergravity to benefit persons of all ages, lowers treatment costs as well as providing passive exertion for users at all levels of disability and health. 

The Gravity Therapy centrifuge system is fully developed with Intellectual Property, is safe, cost effective and ready to market.

The system is designed for use at a rehabilitation center, hospital, nursing home, senior care, gym, sport center or home, etc.

Go To Market

Phase 1:  The initial market strategy and Phase 1 will be further testing and verification of benefits, with selected and screened users, plus presentations and feedback from attendees and riders as shown at Fitterfirst initial two day show presented by Dr. Vernikos. Also a total product cost analysis including packaging, shipping, product-set up and training will be completed along with getting bids for special component parts that require specialized processes.

Phase 2:   Marketing efforts will include potential trade shows and placing the Gravity Therapy centrifuge system with one or more approved individuals, exercise facility, rehabilitation medical setting, research department, etc. Complete the Utility Patent filing. 


Investigate potential organizations, companies, state and federal agencies, etc. for research grants that will provide further testing, funds and marketing. 


Phase 3: Currently Gravity Therapy LLC has the resources to continue working toward our goals, but we realize that at some point we will need additional funding to further achieve our goals, thrive and scale this technology to fully market all its benefits. This means investigating potential companies or organizations, with similar health and wellness goals, that support entrepreneurs at various stages of growth from seed to priced equity rounds




Dr. Joan Vernikos, PhD, Co-founder & Co-Inventor is a former director of NASA’s life Science, is author, consultant and sought after speaker on the tangible health and economic benefits to individuals and organizations of using earth’s gravity to live and age healthy.  


She has conducted seminal studies in space medicine, inactivity physiology, stress and healthy aging. Her pioneering studies on how space flight and earth’s gravity affect men and women includes ways to keep astronauts healthy in the weightlessness of space and upon re-introduction to earth’s gravity. Thus work also included working with John Glenn on his return from space at 77 years of age in 1990 and serving on planning teams to provide gravity to exploration missions. 

She has written several award winning books that present a comprehensive explanation of why Americans are so unhealthy and delivers the solution, an easy to follow, scientifically plan to restore Americans health. She also has a web site, “Third Age Health”, that promotes better health and wellness.


Vern Ader, BS & MS, Co-founder, Co-Inventor is a retired teacher and administrator from Mid State Technical College and inventor of numerous products. He initiated numerous new courses and programs for training and upgrading in a mix of many disciplines including grants for State and Federal programs at the college.

He wrote a pioneering two week Federal Grant Program for job application and resume procedures plus interview skills training for needy persons. This highly successful concept has been expanded nationwide over the past 40 years, which is more relevant today than ever. In 1980 he won the Wisconsin Governor’s award for “Energy Innovation”. He does patenting and marketing seminars and holds several patents.  He was a charter member and past president of the Wisconsin Renew organization that promotes renewable energy and initiated the Wisconsin Energy Fair, which is one of the largest Energy Fairs in the US.

He has inventions in many areas including gasification, hand and electric aluminum can crushers, weeding tools, golf ball retrievers as well as exercise equipment for rebounding and stability.

Louis Stack, Founder and President of Fitter International, Inc. and Marketing for Gravity Therapy LLC. He has been “Leading the World to Better Balance”, since l985. His brand Fitterfirst is recognized worldwide for supplying premium professional and personal products that help people recover from and prevent injury, maintain balance and fitness, and keep moving at work.


Throughout his 30-plus years’ experience as a business owner, national athlete and father, he has built a foundation of integrity and quality in everything he does. Along his journey, he has been an advocate and industry expert, often leading the way in the physical rehabilitation work world and setting precedents in the way we approach office equipment.

Traveling near and far, he can often be found at trade shows doing what he does best, showing off Fitterfirst and demonstrating the large collection of wellness products his company offers.  Aided by his wife Margaret, who runs the day to day aspects of the company, Louis continues to be the visionary for Fitterfirst, developing new products, promoting his business, and continuing to learn the everyday how to make his company the best it can be.